EyeSense- Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring via Fiber Optic Sensor

At EyeSense we are firmly committed to helping people with diabetes to improve their quality of life, and to making blood glucose control easier and pain free through innovative monitoring devices

Accurate long term blood glucose control not only helps to prevent late onset diabetes complications but also saves the health care system billions of euros. An equally important aspect is the improvement of quality of life for the patient.

EyeSense develops innovative blood glucose monitoring systems with outstanding features. These lead to a better diabetes management and make continuous blood glucose monitoring available for everybody. On the basis of a highly innovative product idea, EyeSense is developing two different blood glucose monitoring systems.

  • A continuous monitoring fiber optic sensor for use on the abdomen or upper arm. The sensor monitors blood glucose and has built in alarms to warn of hyper and hypoglycemia. As well as having exceptional precision, the sensor can remain in place for up to 4 weeks: infinitely superior to the currently available continuous blood glucose monitoring systems available on the market. In the future, the fiber optic sensor may be used to control an insulin pump for diabetic patients and revolutionize the diabetes therapy.
  • An eye sensor, once implanted, can be optically, painlessly read out as often as desired. It has the potential to completely replace the fingertip method of measuring meaning painful fingertips and numbness could be a thing of the past.

EyeSense has achieved very promising clinical results with both monitoring systems. The focus of the current development activities is on the continuous fiber optic sensor. The market launch of the fiber optic sensor will likely be in 2016. The eye sensor will be launched at a later date.

EyeSense for Investors

EyeSense GmbH offers potential investors an excellent opportunity to invest in future technologies.

  • We operate in an attractive business market. With over 366 Million Diabetics worldwide, blood glucose monitoring represents the biggest share of the self-diagnostic market. In 2015 an annual turnover of approximately 20 billion US dollars has been predicted. The global healthcare costs are currently set at approximately 465 billion US dollars annually. Frequent blood glucose monitoring is a vital prerequisite in lowering these economic costs.
  • We are developing an affordable continuous blood glucose monitoring system which fulfills customers’ needs and wishes and has huge potential to increase the blood glucose monitoring market.
  • We offer reliable, innovative technology, that sets us ahead of the competition.
  • We have an experienced team, excellent partners and recognition through the many prizes we have already been awarded.