EyeSense combines a highly stable and wearable Biosensor with extremely precise fiber optic technology and fluorescence photometry.

Our patented sensor system consists of a highly aqueous material (hydrogel matrix), in which the sensor particles are embedded. The sensor particles contain dye labeled biological molecules (sensor molecules) capable of recognizing glucose and measuring and monitoring it. The surrounding aqueous material provides stability for the sensor on the one hand, and on the other allows the glucose to diffuse unhindered to the sensor molecules.

Compared to the electrochemical and photochemical sensors already in the marketplace, our system does not result in a chemical alteration of the glucose. On the contrary, the glucose alters the structure of the sensor molecule and consequently the surroundings of the dye. This in turn causes a change in the photochemical and optical properties. This change is completely reversible and can be detected optically with a fluorescence photometer. In contrast to chemical sensors, no byproducts are released into the surrounding tissue.

Our understanding of the photo physical properties, dynamics and structure of the sensor molecules in the stabilizing matrix, enables us to optimize the sensor for a range of different applications:

Continuous fiber optic sensor

Eye Sensor

At this point in time, the development activities are focused on the continuous fiber optic sensor.