With the EyeSense technology a small thin disc of aqueous hydrogel is inserted, via a minimally invasive locally anaesthetized procedure, under the conjunctiva of the eye.

Embedded in the hydrogel is an optical biosensor which selectively measures glucose in the surrounding tissue fluid.

A compact reading device is held in front of the eye and reads the data from the biosensor. It does this by emitting colored light through the conjunctiva onto the sensor, which then emits a differing colored light of varying intensity correlating to the glucose concentration.

The intensity is read by the device, converted to blood glucose concentration and displayed. The advantages of the eye as a site as opposed to other sites are:

  • The conjunctiva has a particularly good blood supply and therefore even rapid glucose changes are mirrored with minimal time delay in the tissue fluid
  • The conjunctiva is transparent and contains no pigments which makes it ideal for optical monitoring
  • The conjunctiva is covered by a tear film and therefore the water content is constant as opposed to other sites.