Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring via a Fiber Optic Sensor

We are firmly committed to improving quality of life for people with diabetes long-term, and to making blood glucose control easier and pain-free through innovative monitoring devices.

This is why we develop innovative blood glucose monitoring systems with outstanding features that lead to improved diabetes management. Reliability, easy and comfortable use, as well as cost-awareness play a central role in this; the patient and his needs are always the focal point of our efforts.

Accurate long-term blood glucose control can not only help to prevent late-onset diabetes complications but can also save the health care system several billion euros. Just as important is the significant improvement in quality of life for diabetes patients.

Building upon a highly innovative product idea, EyeSense has developed a continuous measuring fiber optic sensor for monitoring blood glucose levels as well as for providing automatic hypo- and hyperglycemia alerts. In addition to its exceptional level of precision, the sensor can remain in place for up to 4 weeks, making it greatly superior to continuous blood glucose monitoring systems currently available on the market.

In the future, the fiber optic sensor could be used to regulate insulin pumps for diabetic patients, thereby revolutionizing diabetes therapy.

EyeSense has already achieved very promising clinical results. The fiber optic sensor is expected to arrive on the market in 2023.


Prizes, Awards, Sponsorships

EyeSense has won a row of awards and state sponsorships. In 2008, EyeSense was awarded the Swiss BioTech Association Life Science Prize for its outstanding progress. Also in 2008, Infraserv Höchst and the F.A.Z Institute for innovative and growing businesses granted EyeSense the STEP award.

EyeSense- Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring via a Fiber Optic Sensor

In 2009, a scientific video produced by our partner, Prof.Dr.G.U Auffarth (Director of the ophthalmological clinic in Heidelberg University), won the category Special Interest in the ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) Annual Congress. In 2009, EyeSense, together with Professor Auffarth, won the Steinbeis Foundations Löhn Prize for successful technology transfer.

EyeSense was awarded state funding from the sponsorship scheme for middle-sized business PRO-INNO und ZIM.