1. Liability limitation
The contents of this website have been created with the utmost care. Nevertheless, the service provider cannot guarantee that the contents are accurate, complete or up-to-date. The use of the website’s contents takes place at the user’s own risk. Contributions made in the name of individual persons reflect their author’s opinions and not always the opinions of the service provider. Using the service provider’s website in and of itself does not lead to any kind of contractual relation between the user and the service provider.

2. External links
This website contains links to third-party websites (“external links”). Responsibility for the content of linked sites lies solely with the provider or operator of the given external site. Upon initially linking the third-party websites, all foreign content was inspected for legal infringements. At the time, the service provider did not identify any legal infringements. The service provide has absolutely no influence on the current or future design and content of the linked sites. Creating these links in no way means that the service provider has appropriated the contents referred to by said link or reference. The service provider cannot be expected to monitor the content of linked sites on an ongoing basis unless the service provider has a reason to suspect a legal infringement. Should any infringement come to the service provider’s attention, the external link(s) shall be removed immediately.

3. Copyright and neighbouring rights
The contents published on this website are subject to German copyright law and neighbouring rights. Any type of use not foreseen by German copyright law and neighbouring rights requires the previous written consent of the service provider or respective rightsholder. This is particularly true for any reproduction, processing, translation, storing and/or distribution of content in databases or other electronic media and systems. The contents and rights of third parties have been identified as such. Unauthorized copies or downloads, whether of specific information or of entire pages, is hereby not authorized and is punishable by law. Downloads and copies of this site may be made for private, non-commercial use only. This website may only be presented in an external frame with written authorization.

4. Data protection
During a visit to the service provider’s website, information about user access may be gathered (date, time, page read). This data does not constitute personal information and is anonymised. It is used only for statistical purposes. It is not given to third-parties, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The service provider draws your attention explicitly to the fact that data transmission using the internet (for ex. via e-mail communication) presents considerable gaps in security and cannot completely exclude the risk of others accessing the data provided.

The use of the service provider’s contact information for business purposes is expressly not desired, except in the case of the service provider’s previous written consent or in case of a pre-existing business relationship. The service provider and all persons mentioned on the website hereby refuse authorisation for the commercial use and distribution of their data.

For more details please see privacy policy.

5. Special terms and conditions
Should any special terms or conditions arise that differ from the above-mentioned points number 1 to 4, this will be mentioned explicitly at the relevant position on the website. Should this come about, the special terms or conditions shall apply to that specific case only.